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Murder Victim's Families for Reconciliation (MVFR) Texas Chapter

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Mission & Vision Statement

MVFR is a national organization of family members of victims of both homicide and state killings who oppose the death penalty in all cases. 

Our mission is to abolish the death penalty. We advocate for programs and policies that reduce the rate of homicide and promote crime prevention and alternatives to violence. 

We support programs that address the needs of victims of violence, enabling them to heal and rebuild their lives.



In Healing from the loss of a loved one, murder victim family members can experience reconciliation in many different ways: with God, with society, sometimes even with the offender. Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation is committed to promoting healing through reconciliation rather than continuing the cycle of violence through retribution and vengeance. 
MVFR is a non-religious organization that includes people of a wide variety of faith and belief systems. Because violent crime cuts across a broad spectrum of society, we are committed to racial and economic diversity.
Membership is open to all family members of victims of homicide or execution who support MVFR’s goals. Associate membership is open to all individuals and organizations that wish to support and participate in our work. 
Contributions are encouraged (tax deductible) but are not required for membership.
Founded in 1976, MVFR works actively in the areas of Public Education, Policy Reform, and Victim Support.  Examples include:
 Public Education
Sponsored annual intensive speaking tour, Journey of Hope…from violence to Healing, reaching thousands face to face with a message of reconciliation. Conducting site visits to targeted areas to educate communities and increase local participation.
Policy Reform
Co-Founded and sponsored Peace Studies/Alternatives to Violence, a prisoner run program teaching non violent conflict resolution to inmates at Augusta Correctional Center in Virginia.
Educating lawmakers and prosecutors on the needs of victims, emphasizing restoration over retribution
Victim Support
Initiating State and Local MVFR chapters and affiliate groups
Working with victims and victims organizations to address areas of shared concern
Offender Accountability
MVFR stands for offender accountability. As victims, we understand that society must be protected from those who would cause us harm. However, the death penalty and the approach to crime that it represents is not the answer.
The death penalty consumes massive economic and human resources that are more effectively spent on crime prevention and helping victims. Join with MVFR in seeking positive and pro-active solutions that will truly make our communities safer.

Our Programs

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Our Location

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Murder Victim's Families for Reconcilation (MVFR) - Texas Chapter 222 Pin Oak Ln. Magnolia, TX. 77354